Who is LSU playing in the College World Series 2023?

LSUWelcome to Omaha, Nebraska!
The 2023 Men’s College World Series has exceeded all expectations and is shaping up to be one of the greatest ever. The wind blowing straight out to the center field is creating a challenging environment for the players.

LSU Tigers at Bat
Leadoff batter Cruz White swings and fouls the ball.
Cruz White has had an outstanding season with a batting average of over .400, 18 home runs, and 69 RBIs.
Brandon Sprout, the opposing pitcher, has struggled with hitting batters this season.
The LSU Tigers have a strong lineup, with Tommy White boasting a .684 batting average when Cruz is on base.
Trent Morgan has had success against high-velocity pitches, making him a formidable opponent.
Morgan hits a ball to the outfield, and Cruz successfully reaches base.
Cruz attempts to steal second base but is thrown out.
Dugas takes a walk, showcasing his patience at the plate.
Cade Beloso steps up to bat in a crucial moment for LSU.
Despite the challenging conditions and the impressive performance from Brandon Sprout, the LSU Tigers are putting up a strong fight in the top of the first inning.

World Series Highlights: LSU vs Florida
The World Series finals between LSU and Florida showcased some incredible moments that had fans on the edge of their seats. Let’s take a look at some of the key plays from the game:

1. Tigers Strike First
Dylan Cruz’s speed allows him to touch third base and score the first run for the Tigers.
Peloso delivers a powerful hit to bring in the run, showing off his outstanding performance in the tournament.
2. Stellar Defense by Dylan Cruz
Cruz’s exceptional outfield skills are on display as he catches a deep fly ball at the wall, preventing a potential home run.

3. Wyatt Langford’s Massive Home Run
Langford, known for his power hitting, launches a memorable home run that travels an impressive distance of 450 feet.
This home run helps LSU extend its lead and adds to Langford’s impressive season statistics.
4. Defensive Mishap by Florida
A misplay by the Florida defense allows LSU’s Caglione to reach second base, giving the Tigers an extra opportunity to score.

5. Mental Focus and Strategy
LSU pitcher Brandon Sprout demonstrates his mental discipline by staying focused and talking to himself to maintain his composure on the mound.

6. Solid Pitching and Communication
The pitchers from both teams showcase their skills, with Sprout delivering impressive strikeouts and Florida’s Ty Floyd showing off his powerful fastball.

These are just a few of the highlights from the intense World Series finals between LSU and Florida. It was a game filled with thrilling moments and exceptional performances from both teams.

Food and Diet: A Focus on Mental Health in College Athletics
In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on food, diet, and mental health in college athletics. Post-COVID, this focus has become even more prominent in college sports culture. Athletes like Kate Beloso and Dylan Cruz have been open and honest about their struggles, with some even seeking the help of a mental coach to address anxiety and other challenges. Prioritizing mental health is crucial for athletes and plays a significant role in their performance.

Kevin O’Sullivan, the coach of the Florida Gators, has established a successful program, as evidenced by their consistent appearances in the World Series. The competition within their conference is tough, but O’Sullivan has set a great precedent at Florida. In this game, Milazzo, the nine-hole hitter, sacrifices to move a runner into the scoring position, putting pressure on the defense. This strategic move sets the stage for Dylan Cruz, the next batter, who is a league leader in RBIs.

LSU has a big opportunity to score in the second inning with two men on base. Dylan Cruz, known for his exceptional eye and decision-making skills, shows great discipline at the plate. However, despite the chance, LSU fails to capitalize, leaving the bases loaded. Florida’s pitcher, B.T. Raffle, does an excellent job of managing the situation and gets out of the inning unscathed.

Throughout the game, both teams have missed opportunities to score runs. LSU, in particular, has left multiple runners stranded. Despite some shaky moments, Florida’s pitcher, Either Sprout, shows promise and manages to limit LSU’s scoring to just one run in the first two innings.

Floyd, Florida’s pitcher, demonstrates his skill by striking out multiple LSU batters with his fastball and changeup. The key for Florida will be to lay off his high strikes and avoid swinging at pitches at the top of the zone.

Overall, this game highlights the significance of food, diet, and mental health in college athletics. Athletes are increasingly prioritizing these aspects to enhance their performance and well-being. Both teams experience missed opportunities, but it will ultimately come down to which team can capitalize on the chances presented to them.

LSUGame Recap: LSU vs. Florida
The LSU Tigers took on the Florida Gators in a thrilling matchup at the college world series. Here are the key moments from the game:

Inning 1: LSU Strikes First
Gavin Dugas hits a home run, giving LSU a 2-0 lead.
LSU’s offense shows strength with solid hits from the middle of the lineup.

Inning 2: Florida Struggles
Florida’s Tyler Shelner strikes out, missing an opportunity to score.
LSU’s pitching remains strong, with Ty Floyd recording his fifth strikeout.

Inning 3: LSU Extends Lead
Gavin Dugas continues his impressive performance with another hit.
Beloso follows with a single, showcasing the strength of LSU’s middle lineup.

Inning 4: Florida’s Struggles Continue
Florida’s Brandon Sprout struggles with his pitches, allowing LSU to maintain their lead.
LSU’s offense remains strong, putting pressure on Florida’s pitching.

Inning 5: Pitching Change for Florida
Riley Cooper replaces Sprout on the mound for Florida.
Cooper’s presence adds depth to Florida’s bullpen.
LSU’s Joe Bear strikes out for the second time.

Inning 6: LSU Holds Strong
LSU’s pitching continues to excel, with Floyd and Cooper leading the way.
Florida’s offense struggles to find opportunities to score.

Inning 7: The Game Continues
Both teams remain focused and determined.
LSU’s strong performance keeps them in the lead.

Final Score: LSU 2, Florida 0
LSU’s dominant pitching and strong offense secure the victory against Florida.

A left-hander, but the result ended up being good. If there’s an underbelly right now to the LSU offense, it’s Joe Barron Thompson. He has struggled, going 2 for 37 in the World Series. Pearson has also struggled. Milazzo has done a nice job in the nine-hole, but there have been some struggles from the bottom part. Thompson seems caught in between right now, while Dugas seems to be on everything. When you’re in a funk like Thompson, it’s hard to get on something. You’re chasing breaking balls and late on fastballs. It’s frustrating when you throw a good pitch and they don’t swing. Sprout’s stuff has been electric today, but some hitters have done a nice job of laying off marginal pitches. Foul balls on good pitches are frustrating. The coaches are managing this series like a regular season series, even if the starter is struggling. The Tigers have two men on after a freshman mistake by Kirtland. Pearson walked his first time up. They have had traffic on the bases in the first three innings. Caglion picks up a fair ball, stepping on third and moving the runners up. This shows the internal clock of a player like Kirlin. The loss of the nine-hitter did single his first time up. This is a chance for him to pick up a couple of RBIs. Sprout’s changeup is working well. The LSU players seem comfortable and have made good swing decisions. LSU has sent 18 guys that played in the first three innings, but they are still only up by two. Floyd has struck out four of the last five batters he’s faced. He’s doing a good job of managing the game. Sprout’s best pitch is his changeup, which he has been leaning on. This shows the shift in mentality in the industry. Sprout’s changeup is his best pitch and he’s sticking with it.

To Find Something Else Besides a 99-101 MPH Fastball
“You give them a pencil, they’ll hit 100 miles an hour faster.” That’s what Roger Clemens said about major league hitters. To succeed as a pitcher, you need more than just a blazing fastball. The ability to change speeds, change eye levels, and mix up pitches is what makes the college game so impressive.

Wyatt Langford’s Home Run
Wyatt Langford, a relatively quiet and blue-collar player, showed a lot of emotion when he hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth. It was a moment where he let it all hang out and rose to the occasion. Langford has been known for his work ethic since he was young, and his high school coach saw his maturity even in middle school.

A Missed Scoring Opportunity
Langford hit a double in the backside gap, but the runner on third base was held up, resulting in a missed scoring opportunity. The decision to hold the runner was understandable, but it could have been a different outcome if the runner had been sent.

Caglione’s Two-Way Ability
Caglione, known as Jack Tony in Gainesville, is a talented two-way player. He insists on continuing to be a two-way player until an organization tells him otherwise. He has the power to hit home runs to every part of the ballpark, and his size and strength make him a formidable presence.

It’s a Great Defensive Play
Ty Floyd and Jordan Thompson made a great defensive play to prevent a run from scoring. Despite a bad hop, they managed to keep the play alive and get the out at first base. Floyd’s size and athleticism were evident in his ability to make the play.

A New Ball Game
Rivera’s run tied the game, making it a fresh start for both teams. Rivera has been a star player for the Gators, with impressive offensive and defensive skills.

The Duo of Dylan Cruz and Wyatt Langford
Dylan Cruz and Wyatt Langford form a strong duo for LSU. Cruz has a high-hit tool and Langford has shown potential as a centerfielder. While Cruz is considered a sure centerfielder, Langford’s position is still up for debate.

Does he have the instinct to play the position? I think his first year and a half in the minor leagues will tell you. I don’t have any questions about the bat, but I think they will try it. If he can’t figure out a way to stick in center field, then obviously his value goes up even more. The questions about his center field play are not rooted in what we’ve seen from him in the last three years. He makes it look easy out there.

Blonde Hair and Baseball Skills
Trey Morgan is having a memorable CWS. He’s a terrific athlete and is performing well. His dad, John, loves the game and was coaching him up. John even changed his hair color to purple to support his son. Despite a late jump, Lankford almost made a great play in the outfield. Ty Evans saved a run with a quick throw. Kevin O’Sullivan made a pitching change, bringing in lefty Cade Fisher, who has performed well. It has been a chaotic game so far with LSU leaving many runners on base.

Stressful Pitches and Low-Stress Innings
LSU has had many scoring opportunities, but Florida’s pitcher has managed to keep the game close. Ty Floyd has been low-stress for the most part, despite the number of pitches thrown. On the offensive side, LSU’s aggressive approach has resulted in a close score. Dugas has proven himself to be a valuable player in the lineup. Shifting in the infield can be effective with the right players and strategy. Damon reached base on a single, but Floyd struck out Heyman with a great slider.

Upcoming WNBA Games
Don’t miss the WNBA games on ABC tomorrow. The Mystics will face off against Brianna Stewart and the Liberty at 1 PM Eastern Time, followed by the Sparks and the Wings at 3 PM Eastern Time.

Nut with two down here in the fourth a little soupy wearing a Superman uni today it’s uh I got skeins on the back of it like when we got there it makes sense. It goes three games I mean the question a lot of college baseball people are asking do you see schemes again good fast call at 95? I think if you don’t know if the championship’s on the line and you got a onerun lead with two innings to go be hard not to give him the ball yeah i do n’t think he will start doing it right right I’d be shocked if he did but I’ll also be shocked if he’s not walking down the bullpened something it’s funny even if you’re not gon na use it I’d have n’t put his spikes on and walk him down the bullpen at some point because the place would go absolutely chase that one it’s been the best pitch he’s got nine strikeouts lsu’s got a 21 lead we’re through four alex bregman just hit a grand slam for the astros they lead the dodgers 63 that’s sunday night baseball right after baseball tonight and don’t forget of course game two of this college world series tomorrow afternoon gus is back jordan thompson not for very long but it’s starting the inning feels like one base runner one base runner you go get him maybe there’s a matchup i mean pearson from the left side next oh that’s a pitch that the lsu hitters have been able to lay off while the gators have chased that one that starts you know in the zone it’s a great pitch but it’s led to nine strikeouts from floyd three walks then the intentional walk four five walks and a hit batter from brandon sprout and kade fisher is coming out of the bullpen for gators oh it’ll take a time out the flamethrower is going to have to watch it’s still a very tight game here in omaha 21 nobody out fifth inning to win this one and that’ll go to the freshman it’s been one of their two or three most reliable arms give you a little bit of length too you know on for the 26th time he’s thrown 44 on two thirds for the lefty slider is his best swing and missed pitch the fastball will be in the low 90s and if anybody looks at a freshman a 19 year old kid and says this is pressure there’s nothing like to his last appearance in which they use too many mound visits and he was sitting out there watching the closure you know blow guys up and all of a sudden he’s thrust into the game and when he was asked like what were you thinking he said just i do n’t want to blow this and he didn’t well there are tshirts out there now kevin o’sullivan has worn on the back it says yes i can count to six six is the maximum amount of mountain visits before you have to make a change and they had to take their closure out so it’s lefty on left fisher gets the bottom of the order pearson and then milazzo right comes into a 21 game team down another massive crowd on hand here at charles schwab field about 25 000 or so does n’t get it on the outside one ball one strike good breaking pitch one and two yep again early return if you’re kevin o’sullivan freshman comes in at least this time he knew he was going in the ball game and he was ready goes back to that slider the game against righties or lefties that is his biggest swing and miss pitch when he gets into a two strike count you’ll see more of that berkey the the numbers kind of they kind of outstretch the pure stuff yeah for the freshman he’s not going to go out and show you a bunch of 94s and 95s but he’s gon na throw you a ton of strikes handles the moment incredibly well good pitch to get ahead of milazzo oh and one and when ryanapel went out i mean he did n’t suddenly he came in and you had your full compliment of pitches he was thrust into it it was that same keep your heart rate down message and he was able to do it and he’s throwing nothing but seeds in there he was stuck two fastballs glove side so in on the righthanded hitter in exactly where he wanted to throw it you can see ripel calling for the fastball setup right on the inside black and the freshman hit it twice on the ground charged halter got rid of it quickly a nice play by the third baseman and they were two down so nice to have a couple hitters under your belt before you get a turn this lineup over and face cruz and white but it’s just interesting to watch kate fisher work he has that it that all coaches are looking for for young pitchers where it’s just like you trust them yeah he he’s ready for the moment and even if he’s got a heartbeat that’s racing it certainly does n’t look like it on the outside or with his execution

The Game Tied at 2-2 in the Fifth Inning
The game is tied at 2-2 in the fifth inning. The Florida Gators are trying to score a run without needing a base hit. They have been relying on home runs, but are now playing “small ball.” The LSU Tigers have brought in their infielder to try and prevent a run. The Gators have struggled with runners in scoring positions, but they are being aggressive and trying to make things happen.

The Gators have a runner on third base and a freshman batter, Kate Curling, at the plate. Curling does not have experience with sacrifice bunts, but it would be a good opportunity to score the runner. The Gators’ coach, Jay Johnson, comes out to talk to the team and make sure everyone is on the same page. He relays the pitching plan and discusses the possibility of a safety squeeze play. The LSU pitcher is likely to throw a pitch high and inside to try and strike Curling out.

Curling swings and misses at the first two pitches. The LSU infielders move closer to home plate, anticipating a ground ball. Curling makes contact with the ball and it is hit to the second baseman. The second baseman misses the ball and the runner from third base scores, tying the game at 2-2.

The LSU pitcher challenges the next batter, Wyatt Langford, with a 96 mph fastball. Langford strikes out, ending the inning with the score tied.

The Sixth Inning Begins
The game is now tied at 2-2 as the teams enter the sixth inning. The LSU Tigers have a strong bullpen, and they have been successful in shutting down the Gators’ offense. The Gators’ pitcher, Kate Fisher, comes in and throws strikes. He has thrown 13 consecutive strikes. The LSU batters have been struggling to make solid contact with Fisher’s pitches.

Trey Morgan, who has reached base in all of his previous at-bats, is up to bat. Fisher pitches inside and just misses a called strike. Morgan hits a slow roller to the third baseman, but he can beat the throw and reach first base. The Gators’ defense made a great effort, but it was a tough play to make.

The LSU batter, Cade Dugas, is having a good game with a walk, a home run, and a single. He hits a slow roller as well, and the Gators’ third baseman dives to make a play, but he is unable to get out. The LSU Tigers now have more base runners.

The next batter, Gavin Dugas, was intentionally walked in his last at-bat. He takes a pitch at the bottom of the zone and gets the call for a strike. The LSU Tigers have another scoring opportunity.

Great Defensive Play by the Gators
The Gators’ first baseman, Nick Kurtz, makes a fantastic defensive play. He catches a line drive and quickly throws the ball to second base. The shortstop then throws the ball back to Fisher, who was not on the bag. It was an impressive play by the Gators’ defense to get the lead runner out.

The next batter hits a slow roller, but the Gators’ third baseman cannot make the play in time. It was a tough chance, but he made a valiant effort. The LSU Tigers have more base runners.

The LSU batter, Gavin Beloso, gets a call for a strike at the bottom of the zone. The Gators’ pitcher, Fisher, has been pitching well and keeping the LSU batters off balance.

LSUThe Tigers Are Champions!
Do you guys remember seeing a crowd so one-sided in this 25,000-seat place? I mean, come on, Ole Miss and Mississippi State travel pretty well, but there’s a whole lot of purple and gold there. And for the first time since 2009 and seventh overall, the Tigers can say, “We are champions!”.

An amazing turn of events, after getting trounced 24-4 by the Gators less than 24 hours ago, the Tigers come back and score 18 runs with a record-setting 24 hits of their own, and just destroy the Gators.

From the start of the season, everybody identified the Tigers as the most talented team in the country. It wasn’t always perfect, but they figured out a formula on the mound down the stretch. Today, we saw the talent of this roster shine through. And once they put up a six-spot in the second inning, it was all Tigers from there.

It’s crazy to watch, right? I mean, what we talked about coming in was, “Are they going to have enough pitching?” Besides Paul Skeen, Ty Fordtuck got 27 and two starts here at the College World Series, and ultimately, the rest of that bullpen and pitching staff. One of the main reasons why. How about Paul Skeen, throwing Milazzo on his back and taking him out there too? He’s been carrying the team on his back all year.

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