Even if it's true that everyone grieves differently, some of those "different ways" register a little higher than others on the Richter scale.

On Sunday, June 25, Pink's performance at London's Hyde Park was cut short after a concertgoer hurled a baggie full of white powder onto the stage.

It appeared to be the mother of the person's cremated remains.

Pink is captured in a video posted on social media squatting by a baggie.

She pulled it up, shakily clutching one corner, and questioned someone in the crowd, "Is this your mum?" while appearing perplexed

The singer appeared to be informed that the bag's particular contents were, although it's unclear from the video why this was the case.

During a recent show, a fan accidentally dropped a bag of their mother's cremated ashes onto the stage, rendering singer Pink temporarily mute.

Pink scooped up a sizable sack of white powder that had been placed on the stage during the first four songs of her headlining performance at the British Summer Time event in London's Hyde Park.